Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The work hours are long, the pay will never make you rich but the satisfaction of defending this great nation is well worth it. Veterans Day is today. I personally would like to say thank you to each and every person who has defended this country.

I think of the Mom’s and Dad’s who are grieving today for that son or daughter who will never walk through the door again. I think of the spouse who sleeps alone at night because their lifelong partner made the ultimate sacrifice and is gone.

Freedom has never ever been free. I am reminded of Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice he made for each and every one of us so that we too could be free.

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery Gal 5:1
Now go live like you believe it!

In Christ Alone

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  1. I'm putting your link on my blog this is such a good post and is better than anything I couldn't have thought up myself :-) Thank you,