Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is Jesus Enough?

Precious sister, there is much on my heart tonight. Is Jesus enough? What a question. I was confronted with this concept in the midst of a challenge this week. Perhaps you would be willing to learn along with me?

It all started so innocently. I have been cleaning homes part time for close to 1 ½ years. I love cleaning for my clients. It has been hard to describe why this ministry is such a blessing to me until my sister Robin tagged along. After watching me she told me I get such fulfillment because I love transforming lives and homes. WOW, never thought of it that way. God calls us to be salt and light and I love serving people so it was a perfect fit for me. The money has been wonderful the past months since my husband lost his job. So what is the problem Jill?

Hubby is sick. He has lost his ministry, he has lost his mission, he has lost his ability to provide for his wife and children and now he is losing his home. Moving into your daughter’s home at 52 years of age is a bitter pill to swallow for a man that has always provided for his family. The pain has now gone on for over 18 long months. He wants and he needs his wife to be with him period. Being there when he wakes to help manage 15 different medicines, to help him get out of bed and just to be a support. Sounds like an easy decision doesn’t it? A real no brainer right? WRONG!

Now for the really tough soul searching part. I did not want to quit serving my clients. I had to ask myself why it is so hard to give up cleaning people’s homes when it is crystal clear where I should be. So I made a mental list.
1. I love being joyful and helping others fill a need
2. I love cleaning, strange but true!
3. I enjoy getting a break from being a caretaker
4. I enjoy being able to help the family finances for the first time in 33 years
5. I love sharing God’s love with hurting people
Notice all 5 of those things start with “I”? Hmmm, with each reason to stay God whispered “listen child”. Is it possible that I am not looking at the big picture? Jesus gives me value, not any client no matter how precious they are to me. Jesus can provide every need I have, do I believe that, really believe that? If I do believe that why aren’t I living like I believe Jesus? God says my husband comes before anyone else in this world, even our children. My ministry is my family and this week I have been tested to see if I really believe what I say.

What a tough lesson. Do we really believe that Jesus is our everything? Guess what, the God of the Universe may just ask you to prove it so I would recommend that you give it some thought. Let me close with something Anne Graham Lotz wrote.

“Knowing Jesus is my joy and reason for living.
He is…
The wind beneath my wings,
The Treasure that I seek,
The Foundation on which I build,
The Song in my heart,
The Object of my desire,
The Breath of my live---
He is my ALL in ALL!”

May it be so my precious sister.
Till next time
In Christ Alone,


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up"

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