Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gratituesday 9/7

Good morning sweet sister. Today is Gratituesday. We take this time each Tuesday to stop and thank God for something very specific that has happened in our lives that we are thankful for.

Our summer has felt like being on a roller coaster. Part of the time hubby and I have been alone. There has been a lot of silence. I have felt like our world has been shrinking. Without a congregation to support us it has been tough.

The other part of the roller coaster is the very touch the sky moments. We have seen old friends this summer. Friends that go waaaaay back! Our dear friends Phil and Marie go back 27 years. They watched our daughter and 2 of our sons grow up. Phil was the official at our daughters wedding, starting it while Rich walked Serenity down the aisle.

These friends share a deep faith in the LORD. Phil and Marie walked with us when David died. We have lots of history with this couple and I adore them. Rich summarized our visit this past weekend as a rescue for him. It is for that reason I am so grateful to the Father today.

What about you? Share with us what you are thankful for.
God Bless


  1. I am thankful for a 1st day of school when I am not AT school! Instead of being at work, I was having breakfast with a special friend who also retired at the end of last school year. We were counting our many blessings this morning and thanking God for our new opportunities. Life is a wonderful adventure and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

  2. I would say the same thing as Jill. The friends that God puts in our lives just when He knows we need them the most. Jill and Rich were there when my dad passed away, and she has shown me by being a living example of how to walk with a quiet spirit when I don't know how to take the next step. (Love ya Jill)

  3. I am thankful that even though dear friends may live miles and hours apart, they are not far from the heart:) Hugs to Rich, Jill, Phil, and Marie:)
    Love Debbie S.

  4. Hi Jill! I usually read your posts from another group so I do apologize that I'm reading this actual blog for the first time! You are amazing and funny and very intelligent! :) I've really enjoyed reading your posts!

    I especially thought the one about your marriage was funny. My anniversary is coming up this Saturday and I was(am) going to mention how grateful I am for my husband! When I read your post, it got me thinking of how I first met my hubby as well. I did not like him at all when I first met him!! Lol! He was on the phone in the barracks yelling at his mother!! Me, being from the south, thought,"what kind of horrible person yells at their mother?" I then did not talk to him for a year afterwards. As it turns out, he worked in the building right next to mine. One day, as I was walking to my car, he asked if I wanted to come play cards with him and his friends family. I must have forgotten about the yelling incident because I said yes. So we went to his married friends house, played some cards and board games, bbq'd, and had a wonderful time. I then discovered how my first impression of him was completely wrong! He loves his mother, but not when she steals money from him(the reason for the yelling). He loves kids and does little things to help those who need it. For example, he would go to the comissary before going to his friends house and buy things "for the BBQ" for that weekend and there would just happen to be a ridiculous amount of food left over for his friend(a private) and his familly of 5. He actually isn't a jerk, but quite sweet and caring. :)

    I do apologize if that was long, but I wanted to share that. I am extremely grateful for my husband, my wonderful husband who is my protector. He is very patient with me while I struggle to be the wife God wants me to be. I grew up, as an oldest child, thinking I had to be totally independent and do for myself. I had a total world view and God has helped me realize how I should be changing that.

    I am also thankful for God's grace and mercy! God is so good to me and everyone I'v ever met. Without God's grace and mercy I would be so lost! I just can't express enough how grateful I am for that! :)

    Have a great week Jill!! Your pic is beautiful! I love your dress and covering! You look very nice.

    Much love, Susan

  5. I'm grateful for this past weekend when we were able to go camping, just for one night, but it was GLORIOUS. quiet, serene, great friends, good food, and just plain rest in the midst of God's marvelous creation. So thankful for the break.

  6. Susan and each of you,
    Thank you so much for your story. Come often and share your thoughts.
    What a blessing all of the comments have been, thank you to all of you.