Monday, September 27, 2010

Grateful for a Challenge

Way back in January, which seems like a life time ago I issued a challenge to each of us. I wanted us to read God’s word together for 90 days. I had blogged about what I was reading and posting it on our website. I was committed to reading every word in the 90 days. And then my husband got really sick and one of our 14 year olds decided that life on the streets was better than life with a mom and dad who loves him. The storms were beating me to a pulp and I just could not keep up.

So what is different this time around you ask? My husband is still disabled and unable to work and said son is in a Christian treatment center and would rather talk to demons and worship Satan then the Creator. Life can’t stop my friends. As I write this we are moving out of our home that I was so sure I would not leave until I went feet first! God continues to teach me important truths and I can’t stop living and more importantly I can not and will not stop learning the lessons God has for me.

So, I am giving you a heads up. I would really, really like you to join me in reading God’s word in 90 days. I know, it sure seems like a lot of reading in such a short time and you are so right. Yep, I can hear your wheels turning in your brain saying, “no way Jill, are you crazy? I don’t have time to read the Bible in one year let alone 90 days. How can I possible learn anything about God’s word in 90 days? Did I mention I think you are crazy?”

Rest assured my precious friend I am not crazy, well hmmm, I don’t think I am! Reading the Bible in 90 days has great value. You and I will be getting the BIG PICTURE in accepting this challenge. You will see the entire scope of God’s plan. This will NOT be the time to pick out a scripture here and a scripture there, no we are looking at the entire span of humanity. My husband read the Bible three times one year. He used different translations and one of the times he listened to it on CD. He convinced me that there is insight that you get when you read the whole thing from cover to cover. My husband is a very wise man and so I believe him. It will help us see God’s character and plan for His people.

So, I know we are at the end of September but I am just giving you a heads up. There is a hardcover version of the Bible written for those who want to read it from cover to cover here ; Let me assure you though you can use any Bible, this one is just so convenient. It has each day laid out for you and it is thin enough to take it with you to work, to the store and to the doctor’s office. I am so glad I bought one. Think about my challenge and please pray over it and then if you would like to join me please raise your hand J

In Christ Alone

"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning Satan says, "Oh crud, she's up"

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