Friday, August 27, 2010

Strongholds Part 2

Good morning to each of you. I hope you spent some time thinking about the word stronghold yesterday. The picture to your left sits a stones throw away from the cannon. It is our little towns memorial to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free. The names are all listed in the center.

When my husband was telling me about strongholds from a military point of view he told me that the cannon of yesteryear represents one soldier. You see, it only takes one to make a stronghold. You would agree that a cannon is a powerful weapon in any day and age. It has the power to rip through walls. Most people don't want to mess with a cannon if it is aimed at them!

Jesus is that one for us. Jesus is at the center of the fortress. It is because of the ultimate sacrifice, one person at a time, that gives Him all the power. Jesus, our ONE stronghold where we can run to when the bullies are trying to punch our lights out. Jesus, who will grab us tight and surround us so that we have refuge from those bullies.

Do we believe this truth? If we believe it then we will find the power in this truth. So many don't live a victorious life because they don't life as if they believe it. Jesus is the stronghold. Why do we insist on running from the bad guys without being inside the protective arms of our stronghold.

For so many years I tried and I tried valiantly to fight the bad guys on my own. I felt like it was up to me to dodge that cannon aimed at me ready to shoot. That my dear sister is a lie straight from the deceiver. It does not matter what you are going through today. Each of us have a choice to live as if we believe Jesus is our stronghold. What are you waiting for? Run into our stronghold Jesus Christ and allow him to be your shield and stronghold.

Have a wonderful weekend.

In Christ Alone,


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